Thursday, February 12

WARNING: Soccer Post

Only one thing turns my eye towards soccer, and that is the World Cup. I cannot stand watching soccer, I totally dislike it as a sport, but there is something about the Cup that just ignites the patriot and sportsfan in me. Last night the US team which bombed in the last World Cup in 2006 beat their rival Mexico 2-0 in Columbus, Ohio. Michael Bradley, not destined to become a household name, scored twice in the victory. Just to show how much of a rivalry this is, when the Americans last played in Mexico, the fans in the stands were chanting "Osama" so this win had to feel especially good. Soccer will slip back to where it belongs after this win fades, but it was a chance to see the promise of a good American showing in 2010 in South Africa.

Bradley's double leads U.S. to World Cup qualifier win over Mexico [CBSSports]

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