Thursday, February 26

Looking Ahead: NBA Draft

I love reading Seth Davis's columns on, but today's is extra juicy. Sitting down with an NBA scout, he gets opinions on several prospects at the next level. We've discussed many of them here or on the podcasts, but it was interesting to read how our opinions differed and concurred with an actual scout. One of the biggest disagreements is about Georgetown's Greg Monroe, about whom I've personally stated I'm not a fan. According to the anonymous scout, "Oh, he's my favorite. For me, it's him or Griffin as the top picks from college. His upside is off the charts, and he's probably the most cerebral player in the draft." He also talks about Stephen Curry (he loves him), but he points to another facet of Curry's game. When you listen to ten different people talk about a player and they all point to different aspects of his game, how can it be a question of whether or not the kid can play at the next level? His remarks about Ty Lawson were also spot on, with a key statement thrown in at the end, " I've never been crazy about his leadership skills." A quick read, but covering a tremendous number of players. Lastly, I knew Blake Griffin wasn't 6-10.

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