Friday, February 13

Sometimes You Forget: Philadelphia Charles Barkley

While discussing the '92 Dream Team a co-worker and I got on the subject of Charles Barkley. Strictly discussing his playing days and avoiding the subjects of his unabashed statements, right guard commercials, tossing of people threw bar windows, spitting on little girls, getting DUIs, insightful work on TNT, or his gambling problem, our quandry focused on which team Sir Charles we associate him with. While my slightly older co-worker (just a few years) sees him always as a 76er, my memory is more etched from his 92-93 campaign with the Suns when he won the MVP and led Phoenix to the finals where they lost to Chicago in 6. In truth Barkley was in Philly for a longer time and was a great player for what amounted to some horrible teams. My co-worker referenced the NBA Superstars video highlights from Barkley in Philadelphia with his short, tight shorts, and sure enough, YouTube did not let me down. Below is the magic that is the ornery round mound of rebound in his 76er glory days.

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