Friday, February 6

The Head Coaches of the Kansas City Chiefs: You Don't Know [Blank]

Could this secondary logo be any more racist? Things sure have changed since the 1960s, like Kansas City head coaches(see what I did there?). Todd Haley has been named the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, which began as one of the founding members of the AFL under Lamar Hunt. Haley becomes the eleventh coach to put on the red and gold hat. In this edition of YDKB, we test your knowledge of the men who led the men of Kansas City. As always no cheating, no wikipedia, and feel free to post your score. The test begins after the break...

The first coach ever for the Kansas City franchise was Hank Stram who took over while the team was known as the Dallas [No cheating]. Stram was an assistant at [Never knew this] before being brought to the franchise by Hunt. Stram brought the Chiefs their only Super Bowl title when they won 23-7 over the [The Bills of the NFC] by "[No cheating]" the ball down the field.

After Stram was fired, Paul Wiggin took over in 1975. Wiggin went 5-9 which matched Stram's record from a year before and saw the final game of QB Hall of Famer [Not the Hawk]. Wiggin was fired in 1977 on Halloween and Tom Bettis took over on an interim basis; until the season ended and Marv Levy was brought in. Levy had been the coach of the Montreal [No cheating] of the CFL. Levy would later earn fame as coach of the [No cheating], but he struggled in KC.

In 1983 Marv was fired and Joe Mackovic took over. 1983 would not be a banner year for the Chiefs however as they decided to draft QB [Teams with Patrick now] out of Penn State and passing on Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. Mackovic made it to '87 but was then let go and Frank Gansz took over but he only won 8 games in his two seasons.

In 1988, the notorious GM [No cheating] who just recently left the team took over and hired Marty Schottenheimer. Marty's best year was 1993 when his backfield consisted of two Hall of Famers; [No cheating] at QB and [Not Aurelius] at RB. The Chiefs made the AFC Championship Game but lost to Marv Levy. They have not won a playoff game since.

Schottenheimer resigned in '98 and Gunther Cunningham took over and went 16-16 in two seasons. Then Dick Vermeil was brought in and QB [No cheating] was reunited with Vermeil from his time in St. Louis and a back-up RB from Baltimore named [Not Santonio] came in to run with great success. But Vermeil could not get the Chiefs deep into the playoffs, losing a shootout to the [No cheating] in the 2004 playoffs 38-31. The Chiefs failed to make the playoffs the next two years and that is when Dick retired and Herm came walking in.

Herm Edwards went 15-33 in his three seasons. Some thought that Edwards would be safe but once new GM [No cheating] took over, it was just a matter of time. Haley was hired today and will try to turn things around, and I do not think Anquan will be following him over.

Pencils down!

Answers below:

1. Texans
2. The University of Miami(we will of course accept "The U")
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. matriculating
5. Len Dawson
6. Alouettes
7. Buffalo Bills
8. Todd Blackledge (lewl!)
9. Carl Peterson
10. Joe Montana
11. Marcus Allen
12. Trent Green
13. Priest Holmes
14. Indianapois Colts
15. Scott Pioli

Scoring Scale:
0: Not from the Midwest
1-3: Sensitive to Native American issues
4-6: Not a fan of KC BBQ
7-9: Once had a Nigerian Nightmare
10-12: You're a member of Chief's Nation
13-14: Jason Whitlock and Joe Posnanski would be proud
Perfect 15: That dog'll Hunt

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