Monday, February 16

J-Rich Arrested for Speeding, Endangering His Child

From CBSSports:

"A Scottsdale police officer first saw Richardson driving 67 mph in a 40 mph zone Sunday night and followed him, police said Monday. That's when the officer clocked him at 90 mph in a 35 mph zone and pulled him over.

Police said Richardson admitted to speeding and identified himself as a Suns player. The officer saw Richardson's son in the back seat of the car and that he was not in a child seat."

Jason was also cited in December for a possible DUI. The Bobcats have to be feeling even better about their trade both on the court and off.


Xtra Medium said...

There's someting about Arizona. My God!

Cleet said...

The police do not kid around out there, just ask Sir Charles.

Xtra Medium said...

Mark Fields