Tuesday, February 17

Hornets Still Owned by the Same Man

Forgive me, if I'm a little bit giddy today. I don't like to bask in other people's misfortunes, but when it's the team that ripped my heart out, I may have to do a little jig. The Hornets have abandoned all hope of relevance this season, by trading Tyson Chandler for Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox, and DeVon Hardin. When George Shinn's Hornets were here in Charlotte it became an all too common theme of watching one of the team's best players leaving town for monetary reasons (then GM Bob Bass was routinely overlooked as a top executive for his ability to bring quality players back, despite being in the position of being forced to make a move). The only justification for this most recent trade is those same monetary reasons. The Hornets tried to shed the albatross that is Peja's contract first, but with no takers, GM Jeff Bower had no choice other than trading the untouchables (Paul and West) than to move Tyson Chandler. On the flip side, the Thunder are looking like the new Blazers, with a solid young core and FIVE first round picks in the next two years. New Orleans fans, take solace in the fact that at least Mr. Shinn didn't order CP3 moved, like he did with Grandmama, Zo, and G-Money like he did here in Charlotte, just don't be fooled into believing that this move is solely because of the economy. This is who George is, and this is what he does.

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Cleet said...

Wow, George Zidek, Scott Burrell, LJ, and the Chief surrounding George Shinn. Thw world is truly a twisted place.