Friday, February 6

Sometimes You Forget: Barry Sanders

Our good friend Tom came to visit us last month and it was great to catch up on old times. Tom also happens to be a Detroit Lions fan, which now strangley carries with it some measure of a badge of honor. The Lions have been through a lot in their history and perhaps the greatest example of their ineptitude was losing Barry Sanders. Number 20 has to be the greatest source of pride and dissapointment as any player can be to a franchise. It has been 10 seasons since Sanders took the field which might lend some to forget the totality of the greatness that he ran the ball with. Below is a tribute to the man, the myth and the legend. One of my favorite traits about Barry was that he probably ran for more negative yardage than any back in history yet ended up 3rd all-time, he was not afraid to fail. I will also remember his touchdown celebrations in that he never had them, a quick toss of the ball to the ref. Tom will still say Sanders' early retirement would not have happened if Wayne Fontes was never fired.

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