Monday, February 2

The Boss Slides His Crotch Into America's Heart

It sure ain't Danza, in case you missed Springsteen sliding crotch first into the camera during halftime last night, you can see it here. Brought to you by the my boy Echowood over at who is the foremost expert on balls.

The halftime show was alright in my opinion, and Bruce certainly did ham it up for the crowd. What would have been epic though was if he started playing "Dancing in the Dark" and Courtney Cox came on stage and started dancing with him in an homage to the video from the 80s. That would have made it hands down the most memorable halftime show in years. Maybe they could not convince Courtney or Bruce to do it, or maybe they just didn't have the foresight.


Echowood said...

It's true, my business card says "Ball Expert"

Cleet said...

Your hands are cold, yet soft.