Wednesday, February 4

Tiger Woods Apparently Agrees with Mr. Pink

According to a New York Post source, Tiger Woods thinks tipping is for the birds just like his Reservoir Dogs counterpart. A woman who accompanied Woods and his entourage while they were in Las Vegas says that Woods would pay the full bill for their time spent on the town but would not even spare a dime for a tip. This left her being obligated to leave one since she was a local and did not want to ruin any good relations she had.

Being a notorious bad tipper is one thing, but leaving nothing for people that have provided service to you on a multi-hundred and perhaps even thousand dollar bill? That is lame, even if you are the best golfer ever and have donated millions to charity. Shame on you Tiger. I have worked in the service industry as a caterer and a bartender and nothing bothers you more than people who do not tip you when you give them quality service, especially when you know they have the money. I always make sure I tip at least 15 percent even if the service was below average. If the service is horrible due to plain negligence by the employee, then I consider fair game not tipping or give a small one. The standard should be to take care of the people who serve your food and drinks. Quentin Tarantino explained the importance of tipping beautifully through Steve Buscemi in the following scene from Reservoir Dogs(audio NSFW).

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