Wednesday, February 25

Panthers Make Round of Cuts

Today, the Carolina Panthers cut offensive linemen Jeremy Bridges, running back Nick Goings, and wide receiver DJ Hackett. Of the three, Bridges will be missed the most but his off-the-field transgressions have been multiple. Hackett, signed last year, had largely been a disappointment and hopefully this means Dwayne Jarrett will be the third receiver for the entire season (We here at ASD think having a guy make huge 3rd down catch after huge 3rd down catch is reason enough for him to get a helmet). Nick Goings, leaves having served as one of the most under appreciated players in franchise history. He's done everything for this team, from special teams to running the rock in the NFC championship game, but struggled mightily this past season.

One Panther that some were thinking (hoping?) would get cut Ken Lucas, was not released, but GM Marty Hurney's comments seem to show the Panthers are thinking much like their fans, "Ken's here at this point. We're always talking and working on things. But I'd rather talk about what we've done at this point because anything else is speculation." The team also restructured the contract of Landon Johnson, another free agent disappointment from a season ago. (ESPN)


Xtra Medium said...

Great! Now who's gonna carry the rock on the 3rd and 17 draw play from the 2 yard line?

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