Monday, February 23

Weekend Recap: Wacky Tomacco

Woohoo, I get to guest host the weekend recap. First off, Dwight Howard did this:

Both Duke and Maryland won, preventing them from incessant criticism for not only their play, but also their uniforms. The Terps knocked off Carolina in overtime, and the Heels had only 5 assists, their lowest total since... 40-12. A week after Duke fans were suicidal complaining about lack of athletic recruits and the inability to play against the top teams, they knock off Wake Forest and conveniently forget all those things they said. Coach K's hip was hurting, so the game didn't count.

Texas knocked off The Oklahoma Blake Griffins after Blake got a concussion from a stiff wind. Griffin will accept all of his Player of the Year awards in a bubble to ensure no recurrences.

People are getting in a tizzy over combine numbers, but just remember Anquan Boldin ran a 4.7 and then caught 100 balls his rookie year.

The Bobcats are done.

Davidson needs to win the Southern Conference tournament or risk being left out. 1 top 50 win does not equate to an at-large bid. Gregg Doyle disagrees, but this team lost 3 of it's top 4 scorers all of whom were seniors, and while Andrew Lovedale has filled in admirably, the team is not nearly as good as it was last year. I loved their run and hope they get in, but this isn't Cinderella 2, it's more like Teen Wolf Too.

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