Friday, January 9

Ahh, Editors! (part 2)

This won't (may) be a regular feature here at ASD, because a local radio show did this about ten years ago, but this was too easy. With the Carolina Panthers back in the playoffs, the local paper has taken full advantage to take readers on a trip down memory lane. Always a sucker for flashbacks (the ones that don't involve Charlie), I perused the Supe Bowl recap from 2004. Yes, there was a game and not just a "wardrobe malfunction." The second sentence had me reeling, "Adam Vinatieri's 41-yard field goal with one minute, four seconds left gave the Patriots their winning points." What makes his kick most impressive (according to this account), was that it was a mere four seconds after Ricky Proehl's game-tying touchdown. Sadly, despite being the pinnacle season of the Panthers franchise the fish wrap is mistaken. Vinatieri's kick was with a mere four ticks left on the clock, hence the reason He Hate Me's 21 yard kickoff return was the final play of the game.


Cleet said...

Hochuli's arms are so ripped in that photo.

Chris J. said...

I noticed something about this picture that infuriates me even more than the six turnovers Jake had this past weekend.... I didn't relaize it at the time but Julius freakin Peppers is on the sideline for this field goal that carried the weight of the Super Bowl. Why would a man who is known for his ability to get up there and get his hands on kicks on the sideline?!?!?! Dammit!