Saturday, January 17

The Day Norv Turner Changed the NFL

In perhaps the biggest win of Norv Turner's career, he did not get a Super Bowl ring, but he did potentially get two former Super Bowl winners fired. During week 16, the Chargers headed to Tampa Bay to take on a Buccaneers team tied for first in the NFC South and undefeated at home. Turner's Chargers triumphed and the Bucs followed up the next week by losing at home, eliminating them from the playoffs. The victory set up a week 17 matchup against division rival the Denver Broncos. The Chargers would go on to win that game as well, but had they lost to Tampa Bay, both the Broncos and the Bucs would've made the playoffs. Instead, both of their Super Bowl winning coaches have been fired and both have hired 32-year old first time head coaches. Recently promoted defensive coordinator Raheem Morris will captain the ship in Tampa, and former New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will head the Broncos.

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