Monday, January 26

Weekend Recap

I am doing my usual recovery job at the office and Catfish is currently giving his computer mouf to mouf in an attempt to salvage it. So before we get rolling this week, here is a look back at some of the events that transpired over the weekend.

The Coach of the 100-0 victory was fired and maintains he did nothing wrong. [CBSSports]

You probably did not notice but there was an NHL All-Star Game last night. [Puck Daddy]

This Torre-"A-fraud" thing is going to get ugly(er). [FoxSports]

Kay Yow gave cancer all it could handle, and gave a lot to those around her along the way. [NCSU]

Shows what the bookmakers know, Andy Murray is bounced from the Australian Open. [ESPN]

Arizona's Chase Budinger gets boot to face, Aubrey Coleman seems indifferent about the situation. [Rush the Court]

Catfish pointed out the Craig Morton story on our podcast, here it is in print. [The Love of Sports]

Dustin Pedroia's brother loves the kids...a little too much(allegedly). [The Sporting Blog via Deadspin]

Code Redd: Bucks guard done for the season with knee injury. [Yahoo]

This just in, Danny Granger is good. Catfish's urge to kill rising... [HoopsHype]

By the way, Granger scored 27 to help the Pacers cool off the Bobcats last night. [BobcatsPlanet]

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