Wednesday, January 28

Checkin Up on the Sabres

It's been awhile since we paid attention to our adopted ASD NHL team and not surprisngly, Buffalo has been playing well while we ignored them. Well it's time to extend my icy lips for what is sure to be another Cleet kiss of death. Buffalo has won 4 of its last 5 including a 10-2 pounding of the Oilers last night in Edmonton. It was the worst home loss in Oilers history. The Sabres sit in 7th place currently in the Eastern Conference, 4 points behind Philadelphia and 3 ahead of Florida. Right-winger Drew Stafford scored his first goal ten seconds into the game and ended with a hat-trick.

The quote of the game goes to Oilers coach Craig MacTavish who used one of my favorite words to describe the beatdown, “It was a debacle of monumental proportions.” Anytime an event can be described as a debacle, it's a good thing, unless you are on the receiving end of said debacle.

The Sabres face a tough team in Calgary on the road tonight.

Stafford has hat trick in Sabres’ rout of Oilers [Yahoo!]

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the EPA said...

Wow, what a weird coincidence that you checked up on the Sabres. In their defense they would have been a cup contender for the last few years if they haven’t been hemorrhaging their talent over the last few years. Hard salary caps are a bitch.