Friday, January 9

Divisional Round Weekend: Mr. Green Locks

Every team left with the exception of the Cardinals is being considered a legitimate Super Bowl possibility. The only game I missed last week was the OT game in San Diego that could have gone either way. This week the picks are more difficult to me, but I do my best to deduce the dictation of the events that will unfold this weekend.

Regular Season: 158-97 (.614)
Playoffs: 3-1

BAL at TEN: Titans- This is a game you either can't wait to see or you have interest in football whatsoever. There will be enough hard-hitting and trash-talking for all games this weekend combined. The Ravens are the trendy pick but will face a much tougher defense and an offense not prone to make mistakes. Kerry Collins has won big playoff games in his career despite what people think, he just never won a ring. I'm not expecting a huge margin but I think the Titans make one more break away play than the Ravens.

ARI at CAR: Panthers- I'm happy for the Cardinals I really am. Unless I have something against the town or one of the personnel I root for losing organizations. Of course I root for Edge and Antrel since they are former Hurricanes. The Panthers are my second favorite team however and if they are not playing the Patriots, I want them to win. I refrain from using "we" and have not the allegiance that Catfish and Xtra Medium do, but I grew up in Charlotte, and it would be great for this team to succeed. For who I think will win, the east coast trek, the cold weather, possible rain, bum wheel for Boldin, the run-stoppers back for Carolina will all help to do the Cards in.

PHI at NYG: Giants- This is a puzzling pick to say the least. Which way do I go? Which McNabb will show up? Is Jacobs back to full speed? Did the bye hurt the Giants from a mental standpoint? How far will the Eagles' cockiness take them? In the end, I went with the home team who was more consistent- more consistent in a good way as oppossed to Philly's consistent lack of consistency.

SD at PIT: Chargers- Do Steeler fans annoy you like no other? Then you must read this piece of gold from KSK. In this game I am going with the hot hand, not the concussed head of Big Ben. This is exactly the type of game the Chargers want to be playing in. Sproles will squirt around the field and when Rivers isn't slamming a busted screen into the ground, he has been as hot as any QB throwing the ball. Ron Rivera has given the defense confidence and great schemes during their win streak. Even the special teams are going well for them. The Chargers have the momentum and I think that carries them through to a second straight AFC championship game.

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