Friday, January 2

Pick-Counterpick Bowl Update

I usually prided myself on being astute at picking bowls, this year not so much but, I do hold a slight lead over Catfish in our picks. My Penn State upset blew up in my face as I watched the USC bench do the Soulja Boy with 7 minutes left in the first half.

Cleet: 14-13
Catfish: 13-14


Kelly said...

Damn you, Cleet. You gave Penn State the kiss of death again. Not that it would matter much. They looked like a JV team facing USC in the first half yesterday. Not to mention they shot themselves in the foot repeatedly with dumb penalties. I'm glad I didn't spend $1500 to go out to the game.

Cleet said...

Was not a trademark PSU performance with the penalties and turnovers, I was dissapointed in the game, I'll pick them to finish DFL next year in the Big Ten.