Friday, January 2

Hades Gets a Little Colder

Years ago, even before me and Catfish shared an apartment that consisted of a grand total of 3 chairs(one that was not broken) I swore off reading Bill Simmons. You would think it does not make sense since the Sports Guy is a great read and he is a Patriots fan like myself. Today though while browsing Jason Whitlock's article he referenced and linked a Simmons column on the demise of the NFL home-field advantage. I gave up on the Sports Guy after he took what I felt was an unfair shot at rowing, which is a sport that means a whole hell of a lot to me, if to not many other people at all. The boycott lasted a long time but today I could not help but check out the article and Whitlock was right, it was spot on and left me nodding my head in complete agreement. You can read the article here, and it is over a month old so you may have caught it already. I do not know if I am ready to completely end the boycott, but it's a start.

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