Monday, January 19

Not the Time to be Playing CCR or Santana

Awful Announcing brings this story about the sound operator in Pittsburgh playing music while McGahee laid motionless on the field yesterday. I mentioned this to Catfish off-air before we started our podcast, but wanted to refrain from going on a tirade due to my Miami and Willis allegiances. It appears I was not the only one who noticed this ridiculousness. I do think it was classy to see the Pittsburgh players out there concerned for his well-being and the fans wishing him well as he was carted into the tunnel, but this sound guy deserves a brass candlestick to the face. Luckily Willis had feeling in his extremities and hopefully he will recover after the vicous helmet to helmet hit.

Steelers Sound Operator In Hot Water After Injury Music Choices. [Awful Annoucning]

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