Tuesday, January 20

At Least You're Not This Guy

Regardless of whether or not you had to work on MLK day or Inauguration Day, at least you don't have David Akers ink covering your back. Akers missed both a field goal and an extra point in the Eagles NFC Championship loss, but at least he didn't go Scott Norwood on the last play of the game. There are so many questions about the work that I want to ask. Did you just get the tattoos around your Great One appreciation or did you get the tats in 99 (because getting a rookie QB tattood on your back can be dangerous)? Did you specifically ask for the center's arm to be included? What about the holder? Is your last name Akers? Of course, people could ask similar questions about Cleet's back mural of Reche Caldwell and my Kerry Collins inspired sleeves.

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