Saturday, January 3

Shackleford Files 004: NFL Playoffs and 2008 Remembered

Get 2009 and the Wildcard Weeked started off right with the newest edition of The Shackleford Files. Cleet believes he may have found this year's Giants and Catfish asks how Chad Pennington can win Comeback Player of the Year award. Where does Utah end up in the final poll, and what 5-7 team could be in the National Championship discussion in just a few years? We also take a look back at our top memories of 2008, a program getting a free pass, and something our sports can learn from soccer. The song from the first break is from The Herd (via BoingBoing). The music video is flippin sweet and well worth a view. As always you can download this episode here.

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K-Man said...

Very strong points on Peddington having no business being the comeback player of the year. A comeback is being out of the league for a year or more, or getting hurt during the season and being able to come back in the next and play well.