Wednesday, January 14

Some Saved by the Bell Running Through My Head Last Night

Last night I was channel surfing I came across the ABC News show What Would You Do?. The show immediately reminded me of the Nickelodeon show of the same name hosted by Mark Summers after his legendary run on Double Dare. It was not as good as DD but the Pie Pod they had was memorable. You can watch a video of the pod at work here, but it is one of those grainy off the TV vids that make it look the Zapruder film.

Back to the ABC show, which uses hidden cameras to see how "regular" people would react to uncomfrotable social situaitons, a segment last night featured two actors on a blind date. The woman goes up to go to the bathroom and the man drugs her wine in plain view of other people at the bar. You can see the story and watch the video of it here. Only one woman completely intervenes on behalf of the actress which is kind of a sad commentary on people, but what struck me was this actress seemed familiar. She reminded me of a girl that appeared in a Saved by the Bell episode in which Zack and Slater fight over her. A clip of the epic throwdown is presented for your viewing pleasure below:

First off, how did Slater get punched like that, he is a wrestler. He should have had Zack tapping the floor within ten seconds. The actress whom they were fighting over played the role of Joanna and her name is Shana Furlow. The actress in the ABC show was referred to as Brigitte which I can only assume is her real name but damn if the two do not look a lot alike. As you can see from her imdb page, Shana has not exactly done a ton of work since guest appearing on SBTB which is surprising since it did wonders for Denise Richards and Leah Remini. I tried to scan the credits on the show but they moved so fast I could not catch the actresses full name. I will investigate the matter further today to see if it was just a coincidence or if this was the most ridiculous memory pull from my brain to date. Yes folks, sadly this is how my mind works.

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