Monday, January 12

Shackleford Files 005: Of Jake Delhomme and Teeter Totters

A recap of the divisional playoff round, with special attention paid to the egg laid by the hometown Panthers. Lebron, Kobe, and Celtics oh my! The first ever guest on TSF discusses the end of college football, an office no-no and when it's not OK to go for two. Apologies for some funky audio during the first segment, not quite sure what caused it, but we'll try to get it fixed. Jake Delhomme song by the Charlotte Squawks. Download the podcast, here.


Anonymous said...

Sports Duo: Thanks for putting my song on your podcast! Thought you might like all the lyrics...

Brian Kahn
Head Writer, Charlotte Squawks

Jake Delhomme
(Parody of “Bring Him Home”)

God on high
Hear my prayer,
My heart stops
When the ball’s in the air.

He is brash,
Not afraid.
Can’t he see
That DB?
Jake Delhomme.
Jake Delhomme.
Jake Delhomme.

With all the safeties he can’t find,
I fear he might be colorblind.
He has no sense.
Watch him throw
To the defense
Lord, oh no!
They run it back,
We lose the game.

Practice hard on these things,
Spend less time
Selling fried chicken wings.

Don’t just throw
Throw to Steve,
We’ll get by, we’ll get by.
Just be smart.
Jake Delhomme.
Jake Delhomme.
Jake Delhomme.

Catfish said...

Great song and thanks for the lyrics. Shoot us an email if you can. I've got a quick question for you.

the EPA said...

It's true your honor, this man has no dick.

Your mother!

Well that's what I heard.

Poor "Walt"

Anonymous said...

You guys are terrific and don't blather on and say nothing. That Panthers game was a total embarrassment.