Friday, January 9

Bowl Season is Put Out of its Misery

It was the ending we all deserved: a poorly played game, with horrible officiating, and the worst television production and broadcasting I have ever seen in a championship game. I knew it was going to be a bad night when I saw the officiating crew, Ron Cherry and the ACC. I watched this crew "operate" all year and the horrible officiating you saw last night was par for the course. The Florida Gators defeated the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14 in the title game last night in the BCS title game. The Gators now have 3 titles since '96 and are on their way to becoming the Miami of the 1990s and 2000s. Anyone who watched the game witnessed the full-on fellating of Tim Tebow which was unbearable. More on the game, FOX's debacle they called coverage and the results of our ASD bowl picks after the break.

A rational person cannot tell me that seeing the way the two teams played last night that Utah would not have won versus either if they played like they did in the Sugar Bowl. Also, you don't think USC could handle either of those sqauds? I must throw in at this point that Florida won the game and are champions and they were certainly deserving of being in the game. The problem is not with the Gators, it is with the system. After my brilliant idea of a quad national championship I introduce yesterday, the AP poll refused to comply. In the coaches poll, Kyle Whittingham showed he has balls in addition to the only undefeated team in the land by voting his Utah team number 1.

Oklahoma blew this game on failing to capitalize on mistakes by Florida and Tebow but Florida won the game by making the plays and getting into the endzone. I don't think anyone expected the Oklahoma offense to struggle like it did, even though no one was expecting 60 points which enforces my thought that the offense played a bad game more than the defense was so dominant. The Sooners went with the running game early, which gave them success, but down at the 1 yard line OU ran it 4 straight times and got stuffed. Isn't that a Heisman trophy winner at QB? The game seemed to be taken out of Bradford's hands, and then when Bradford had the ball in his hands at halftime he threw a pass into traffic short of the goal line when his team was out of timeouts. Oklahoma picked off Tim Tebow twice and got a roughing the kicker penalty to extend a drive but did not score on any of those opportunities, and that's your game.

Once again Percy Harvin was the difference maker for Florida. After Tebow could not rush the ball in from the 1, the ball was given to Harvin behind center and he ran it in for the Gators' second touchdown. When OU tied the game at 14 the first play from scrimmage was a hand off to Harvin who ran it 52 yards which set up the go-ahead score. Harvin finished with 171 yards but yet again will not get the accolades his quarterback will. Aaron Hernandez, the athletic UF tight end was another big difference maker as he made two big plays on shovel passes from Tebow. Tebow struggled early, and made some good plays, but this win was one by the Florida defense and the offensive weapons around him, not just one player.

Thom Brennaman cemented his legacy last night after his blowfest of Tebow last night. From now on, anyone who watched that game will associate Thom with his calling of that game. All of the FOX BCS coverage was horrid with last night topping it all. They tried to implement their fast cut-scene coverage that worked so well for baseball, but these are two different animals. Football is not as slow as baseball, cut scenes to the band and cheerleaders after every freaking play is distracting and more than a few times caused them to miss the snap. The lack of replays was inexcusable. It took Thom and Charles Davis about 3 minutes, which was about 2 minutes and 49 seconds longer than everyone in the country to realize it was 3rd down instead of 4th. The Tim Tebow worship was the worst of all though. The one thing these media people that kneel at his altar don't realize, the hate comes from you, you created this monster. If they did not give him credit for a 5 yard run like he just cured cancer, there would not be such a backlash. At this point the large portion of the sports viewing audience just want Tebow to go away. You know, Shawn Bradley went on a religous mission, and so does everyone at BYU. We get it, he is a good guy, he is pious, he does service work, he is a great player. On a final note it was nice to see lord Tim gesticulating like a donkey all over the field while the game was still going on and getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty with minutes to go. You stay classy.

Final Results of our bowl picks.

Cleet: 19-15
Catfish: 16-18

My last word on college football this year besides my reinforcement of the quad-champions of Florida, Utah, USC, and Texas is that next year, no matter the records or the situation, Ohio State and Oklahoma play each other in a bowl game.


K-Man said...

Cleet I see you are having some angst towards Tebow... I think you need to spend about 5-20 minutes with him, so you will feel better about yourself!!!

Cleet said...

If I were only lucky enough to have him lay his hands on me.

MCCISLCM said...

"A large portion of the viewing audience .. .. " Where do you get that stat?

the EPA said...

MCCISLCM said...
"A large portion of the viewing audience .. .. " Where do you get that stat?

Cleet, Catfish, and myself dislike King Tebow. Therefore 3 of 3 people questioned don't like him. 100% sure is a large portion. Fucking idiot; are you from West Virginia?

As for my picks I went 22-12. My mascot theory didn't pan out as I went 17-17 with those picks.

My question; how did Kirk Herbstreit finish?