Friday, January 16

Championship Games Mr. Green Locks

The slowdown in blog activity is directly the result of Catfish's introduction of Sporcle into our lives. For trivia-loving folks such as us, this is a death warrant. I have not gotten one thing accomplished since I wandered over to this place. After I finished the sports category I have been doing them at random. I am however taking a break from trying to name all of Elton John's top 40 hits to make my predictions for this weekend's games. How much value should you put into my picks? I went 0-4 last week so the answer is a lot! But at least I'm not bitching about my 0-for like Simmons. Spoke too soon about reading his stuff again I guess. On to the picks...

Regular Season: 158-97 (.614)
Playoffs: 3-5

PHI at ARI: Cardinals- I just finished typing that pick I want to change it. My big key to this game is how Warner plays. The Eagles offense is going to putter around as usual but score some points and the Eagles secondary can be exploited if Warner is accurate and on his game. So hopefully for Cards fans Warner will toss the bean better than he draws deities:

When Warner has a bad game, he can really have a bad game so while the game is not totally dependent on him, he has to play well for Arizona to stay in the game which according to my pick I think he will. Seeing the Pink Taco full and rowdy for not just a playoff game but a game for a trip to the Super Bowl. To me it will be like the Tampa Bay Rays at the Trop except the stadium is not a horrible piece of crap. This is not a slight on the Cardinals, I know they have been horrible for many years and used to play in a heat conductor of a shithouse stadium which I have been to, but it is a shock to the eyes to see franchises you have seen suck for so many years be playing in such an important game. I actually welcome it and hope it continues in the NFL and all sports.

BAL at PIT: Ravens- Just like Warner is the key to the Cards success, the key for Baltimore is turnovers. It does not get more cliche than turnovers but after forcing 8 so far in the playoffs, the Ravens have become good at it. This will be a battle like the one in Nashville and I think Pittsburgh's win against the Chargers was a little too easy and that combined with their poor record in conference championship games at Heinz Field leads me toward picking the Ravens. The running game will not be as fruitful for the Steelers as it was against San Diego last week. We were faced with the prospect of an all-Manning bowl whch failed, a Broadway bowl that failed so now I believe the Keystone State bowl will fail as well.

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