Friday, January 9

Coach K Needs Love

The Duke Blue Devils are number 2 in the country. It's January and unlike the FBS college basketball has a playoff, so a ranking just a week into conference play might seem insignificant, but apparently not to Coach K.

"I don't even think it was mentioned in the newspapers here, that we were No. 2 in the polls," Coach K said after Duke's 79-67 win over Davidson on Wednesday. "Fact, I know it wasn't mentioned, so I guess nobody really cares."

"It's interesting, always interesting to me in 29 years here, the subtleties of the local press is funny in some respects."

"I know it's not that big here, but it's pretty damn good. So when this group makes No. 2, it's a new group, they should be celebrated for doing something good." (GN&O)

We here at ASD would never shirk our duties, so we'd like to apologize for failing to recognize Duke's accomplishment. We'd also be admonished if we didn't point out the last time Duke was ranked number 2 (way back in last season) they lost two road games in succession (Wake Forest and Miami). Duke's next two games are on the road at Florida State and Georgia Tech.

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