Friday, January 30

Shackleford Files 007: The Super Bowl and UFC 94

Recorded on Tuesday, we're not posting until today due to some technical difficulties. It was a rough week for the production staff here at the ASD, because one of the interviews we recorded also fell victim to technical difficulties, but we still want to thank Walt for his time. In this episode, we breakdown a pretty big football game, look at a national championship coach that may have reached the end of his rope, and recap some of the recent college basketball games. We also welcome a new special guest to discuss Fedor, Brock Lesnar, and UFC 94.

Cleet reveals some books he won't be buying, and Catfish revisits a serious issue facing football. As always, you can download it HERE. Leave your comments and let us know where we went wrong or how good we look.

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Cleet said...

I hadn't heard the UCF fight until today, well done guys and thanks Tier for contributing.