Friday, January 2

How Wrong Were We: The 2008 College Football Season

While taking a look at how bad we were at picking bowls so far, I decided to delve into the archives to see how far off our college football season predictions were. In many cases, they were not close, including my choice of the Bulldogs winning it all. See the rest of the folly after the break.


My pick for ACC Championship game match-up:
Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech
My pick for ACC Champion: Wake

I was not too far off here, except it was BC that won the Atlantic and fell to VT in the title game. My best call of the year may be my spotting of Clemson as a phony, but then again I picked Cullen Harper as my player to watch.


Catfish's pick for SEC Championship game match-up:
Georgia vs. LSU
Catfish's pick for SEC Champion: Georgia

I would have picked the same as Cat here but it seems we both had misplaced faith in Georgia and not enough in Bama.

The Big XII

My pick for Big XII Championship game match-up:
Missouri vs. Oklahoma
My pick for Big XII Champion: Missouri

Right title game, very wrong result.

The Big East

My pick for Big East Champion: West Virginia

Pat White is a great college quarterback and seems to be an even better human being. West Virgnia was in the title conversation into the final weeks, but Cincy stole the show.

The Pac Ten

My pick for Pac Ten champion: USC

This pick was automatic but was almost wrong due to Oregon State's great run. I picked Washington to be below expectations, nice, but wait, I had Washington State above...dammit.

The Big Ten

Catfish's pick for Big Ten champion: Ohio State

I cannot say I am upset for Catfish missing on this one.


My BCS bowl predictios:
Rose Bowl
Oklahoma vs. Ohio State

Orange Bowl
Wisconsin vs. Wake Forest

Sugar Bowl
Auburn vs. West Virginia

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
BYU vs. Missouri

BCS National Championship
USC vs. Georgia

National Champion: Georgia

The Wisconsin and Auburn choices make me cringe. You cannot blame anyone for a USC pick considering how they did, but Utah was the correct BCS busting pick, and the Orange Bowl match-up was correct in its lack on intrigue. Overall not as bad as I thought.

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