Sunday, November 2

Charlotte Basketball Notes

Sean May was inactive for the Bobcats first win of the season. Bowser's inability to get in shape will keep him out for 'A while.' The Bobcats started Jared Dudley at power forward, a move made possible by virtue of Miami starting rookie undersized Michael Beasley at 4. Dudley's not a long term solution at PF and more than likely Gerald Wallace may see more time there, something Coach Larry Brown had wanted to avoid. (Charlotte Observer)

A detailed recap of the home opener can be found here: Queen City Hoops and video of one of Gerald Wallace's three blocks can be found here.

George Shinn dropped an ex-girlfriend quality mindfreak on Charlotte basketball fans, "People (in Charlotte) love basketball … Had I wised up early and gotten out in the community like now, we'd probably still be there." Like an ex that got married to another guy, but laments what could've been, this offers little solace to those that sill miss Hugo. (Charlotte Observer)

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