Wednesday, November 19

Bobcats Making Room?

A little less than 2 weeks ago, we covered the "imminent" trade of Gerald Wallace. A new move by the Bobcats seems to suggest that someone may be on the move. The Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell reports that today the Bobcats waived Andre Brown and Linton Johnson. This move suggests the team could be adding two extra players in a deal (aka 3 for 1). After getting torched by Dirk (yet another power foward), its becoming painfully clear that this roster has no answer for any 4s with range. Unfortunately, Bonnell also reports that the team is merely making room to add another no name big off the free agent scrap heap.

If the Cats can get anyone to take Gerald Wallace, they should take the deal, even if means taking less value (and it will). Wallace's hustle is admirable, but he wouldn't start on any team that has aspirations of anything higher than a first round playoff exit, and he's getting paid starter money at the moment. He's owed forty million dollars over the next four years and any attempt to turn this team around will be accelerated by trading Crash. With trade rumors swirling, it's seemed to have an effect on his play, which doesn't help either.

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K-Man said...

In more important news the Bobcats Radio broadcast will now be in spanish... Ha Ha. Maybe the reason for the two being released is just a cost cutting move, just like adding a $2 surcharge for every ticket you buy at the Arena. But dust off those HS spanish books Bobcat basketball is turning into Fiesta Tiempo