Wednesday, November 26

Week 13 NFL Mr. Green Locks

I'm throwing this together today because obviously tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the bossman has given the office a half day today! Last week my upsets were way off but I still came out 4 games up and push myself over the century mark for wins. Another abbreviated version of my NFL picks after the break.

Last Week: 10-6
Season: 107-68

TEN at DET: Titans- It's going to be a gloomy scene in the motor city this year.

SEA at DAL: Cowboys- Another clunker. Unless you enjoy torture turn the volume to zero on this broadcast.

ARI at PHI: Cardinals- Speaking of gloomy atmospheres, D-Nabb might want to invest in some ear plugs.

CAR at GB: Panthers- I think the Panthers will turn this around and have the Lambeau faithful turning on Rodgers.

IND at CLE: Colts- And like that (puff), Brady's gone.

BAL at CIN: Ravens- Baltimore better take this win while they can get it.

SF at BUF: Bills- The Bills have really shown they can beat up on the bad teams (except the Browns).

DEN at NYJ: Jets- Is this really happening?

NYG at WSH: Giants- I never expected the Giants to be this good.

NO at TB: Bucs- You're not dropping 51 on Tampa.

MIA at STL: Dolphins- There will be no further ramming in St. Louis this year.

ATL at SD: Chargers- Funny that this outcome would be kind of an upset.

KC at OAK: Chiefs- The Apple Cup of the NFL.

PIT at NE: Patriots- This should be a good one.

CHI at MIN: Bears- The game clock should go by quick with all the running in this one.

JAC at HOU: Texans- This game falls under the "somewhat unappealing" category.

The quick Clue fact today since I'm about to breeze out of the office is focused on food since we are on the eve of Thankgsgiving. As the guests sit down to dinner they begin eating a Cantonese dish which is later revealed to be monkey's brains. Enjoy the games and the holiday.


K-Man said...

I would not be suprised if the Giants lose this week. Last year I was up in Ohio for thanksgiving and the drive home on that sunday was the worse game Eli Manning has ever played in a 4 INT game I believe 3 returned for TD's. This year I try to change that by coming back home in the outfit I wear every Sunday and same for the future Mrs. Kman. The Giants should win but I am superstitious, and won't be infront of the TV with Chester which could hurt our chances.

Cleet said...

I think the Giants are impervious to superstition this year. Plaxico shot himself in the leg and they still won handily.