Friday, November 21

Bobcats Getting Attention (More of the Same)

This USA Today article has some incredible nuggets about MJ (who I previously praised for his attendance) disappearing once again. The Sporting News and Hoopworld also had some interesting takes. More after the break...

From the USA Today article:

Indeed, His Airness landed briefly before taking flight. Only 11 days and six games into the new season, the global icon was gone. He was off to see his sons play basketball, then an overseas jaunt. Jeffrey Jordan, 20, is a walk-on sophomore at Illinois. Brother Marcus, 17, is a high school senior in Chicago.

A Jordan assistant sent an e-mail to a USA TODAY reporter explaining, "With his travel schedule, and the holiday season upon us, I don't expect he will be back (in Charlotte) before December," meaning he would miss at least the next seven home games.

It's worth a read, but the most interesting quote was buried at the very end, When it comes to re-ordering a roster, Brown is eager to dismantle. The Bobcats didn't make many offseason moves, leaving the coach more than slightly vexed — "You know, there are six guys who might not be on our team in two, three weeks."

Bethlehem Shoals of FreeDarko fame has a piece on the Sporting News about the frequent trade rumors revolving around Crash Wallace.

"The depressing thing is, the only logical outcome of this mess is Wallace getting shipped out at a cut rate to make Larry Brown feel better about his view of the world. When, from a pure impact player standpoint, Charlotte needs Wallace far more than any suitors."

It's unusual to completely agree with someone, but wholly disagree with their conclusion, but that's where I find myself in regards to Shoals's assertions. The Cats will have to trade Crash at a cut rate and they do need him more than any other team, but he (more specifically his contract) needs to go. Wallace is not a starter for a serious playoff threat (unless he's paired with a great), but currently he's paid like one. His contract will be on the books for the next four years and if the Bobcats can get it off the books, even if it means taking less in return it should be beneficial for the team in the long term.

Hoopsworld's Bill Ingram weighed in on trade rumors regarding the Nets and the Clippers by saying this, "The catch here is that the Bobcats really want a starting center back in the deal. We all saw the reports that they were trying to get Chris Kaman from the Clippers, and that's exactly the type of player they need next to Okafor in the post." This is infuriating.

A) Based on his size, this is one of the most widely held misconceptions about Emeka, particularly in the media. He's a classic PF (tip of the cap to Newt), 6-10 and banging on the block, but he's not in today's NBA. 4s these days have too much range for Mek and he's not quick enough to guard them either. He has trouble guarding even guarding players like Udonis Haslem, who can hit a free-throw jumper, let alone a baseline shot or a three. Mek's a 6'10" center. He would've been a great PF 20 years ago, but now he's relegated to undersized center.

B) A frontline of Kaman and Mek still has the same problem that surfaced when Mek and Nazr were paired together. Who is going to guard the PFs? Kaman is an upgrade, but hardly a solution. The team would have 20 million per year (up to 25 mill in 2012), or 1/3 of the salary cap tied up into two centers. I understand that people are anxious to see a move made, but another center is not the answer. I know the reports say the Cats are after a center, but I think (hope) that they're actually looking for a power forward and something is being lost in translation.

Two primary things have killed the Cats on the defensive end this season: PG penetration and PFs. Of the PFs that have had good games against the Bobcats: Michael Beasley (25 points), Detroit PFs (combined 27), Zach Randolph (25), Chris Bosh (30), Boozer (26), Hedo Turkoglu (20), and Dirk Nowitzki (32), which of these would Kaman be able to guard?

Unless the FO thinks they can move Mek (not very likely), trading for Kaman still leaves the frontline lacking and locks up more money longterm, further exacerbating a potential turn-around.

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