Monday, November 10

NFL Week 10: The Numbers

One number from each game that stuck out above all others.

Giants v. Eagles – – NFL Rule 8 Section 1 Article 1 Supplemental Note 3 reads

“The penalty for a forward pass beyond the line is to be enforced from the spot where the ball is released when the passer’s entire body and the ball are beyond the line of scrimmage. This includes either when the passer is airborne or touching the ground.”
Trailing 24-20 in the 3rd quarter Giants QB Eli Manning converted a 3rd down pass play for 17 yards to Brandon Bass Kevin Boss (he didn't complete it to the former LSU forward). After review it was determined that Eli’s foot (and only Eli’s foot) had not crossed the line of scrimmage, setting up the go-ahead touchdown.

Colts v. Steelers – 2 – of the Steelers first three drives went for TDs, but they wouldn’t get in the endzone again. It was 2 critical Ben Roethlisberger interceptions deep in Pittsburgh territory that would propel Indy to victory. The first set up a TD on the Colts last drive of the first half and the second on their last drive of the game, which gave Indy their first lead of the game with just under three minutes to go. A week after sacking Redskins QB Jason Campbell seven times, the Steelers only managed 2 against Peyton Manning and the Colts.

Chiefs v. Chargers – 2 – After a botched PAT attempt in the 2nd quarter, Kansas City trailed by one point after scoring a TD with only 23 seconds left in the game. Coach Herm Edwards chose to go for a 2-point conversion, but the Tyler Thigpen pass was knocked away and San Diego held on for the win. Tony Gonzalez had his first two-TD game since week 6 of last season and his first 100-yard receiving game of the season.

Panthers v. Raiders – I’ve covered this in detail, but here’s another one. This was the 2nd straight win for the Panthers, while losing the time of possession (TOP) battle. 22:58 was the lowest TOP for a Panther win since December, 2003 when the beat the Cardinals 20-17 with only 22:06 TOP.

Jaguars v. Lions – 5 – days after signing with the Lions, QB Daunte Culpepper was starting for the team. He was 5 of ten for 104 yards and one INT. After 5 straight games of rushing for 25 yards or less, Fred Taylor led Jacksonville with 80 (MJD added 70). The Jags 5 TDs helped the team break 30 points for the first time all season.

Bills v. Patriots – 27 – More yards for Buffalo on one kick return (85 yards by Leodis McKelvin) than they had in the rest of the second half (58). The Patriots ran 35 more plays and had a 15-minute advantage in time of possession over Buffalo. New England has just 4 penalties over the last 3 weeks.

Saints v. Falcons – 6.2 – Despite averaging 6.2 yards per carry, New Orleans ran the ball on just 17 of their 76 total offensive plays (22.3%). Atlanta rushed on 36 of their 59 plays (61%), but only averaged 3.1 yards/rush. Two 4th quarter INTs deep in Falcon territory stalled any chance for a Saints comeback.

Seattle v. Miami – 3 – Straight games with zero turnovers for the Seahawks, who have gone 1-2 during that streak. Miami has its first 3 game winning streak since 2006 and Ricky Williams had his first 100-yard rushing game since 2005.

Ravens v. Texans – 4 – Interceptions for the Ravens defense and a 4-game winning streak for the team. During that streak they’ve scored a total of 134 points, more than St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Oakland have scored all year. This was also the 4th straight week rookie QB Joe Flacco didn’t have an INT (after having 3 against Indy in week 6). The Ravens were 4 for 4 in the redzone and kept Houston to 0 for 2.

Rams v. Jets – 2 – More first downs for the Rams than the Jets had scores (11 to 9). St. Louis also only had two more completions than New York had scores. The Rams only had 2 rushing first downs compared to fifteen for the Jets, and finished with 2 more turnovers (5) than points (3).

Titans v. Bears – 0.7 – The Bears held Tennessee to 0.7 yards per carry (20 yds on 29 carries), but Kerry Collins had his first 200+ yard passing game of the season, throwing for 284 yards on 30 of 41, 2 TDs and 0 picks. It was the most yards Collins had thrown for since 2005 when he was in Oakland. The Titans had 17 passing first downs, more than Chicago had total.

Packers v. Vikings – 8 – More rushing yards for Adrian Peterson (192) than the Packers had total yards (184). Even with that advantage, it took a late dive by Peterson with 2:22 remaining to overcome the three Gus Frerotte INTs (including one for a TD) and a Will Blackmon punt return for a TD to secure the victory.

Bonus Numbers:
Six teams are perfect at home this year, only one in the AFC (Tennessee), one in each the NFC East and West (New York Giants and Arizona), and three in NFC south, where New Orleans is the only team with a home loss.

Only two teams in the NFC are above .500 on the road this season and both are in the NFC East: Washington (3-1) and New York (Giants) (3-1). Conversely, there are five in the AFC. Two in the AFC North: Pittsburgh (4-1) and Baltimore (3-2), and three in the AFC South: Tennessee (4-0), Indianapolis (3-2), and Jacksonville (3-2).

With the Eagles loss, the Panthers have the second longest winning streak in the NFC at 3, behind only the Giants, who have a 4 game streak.

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