Friday, November 7

Crash on the Move?

Pro Basketball News is reporting that a Gerald Wallace trade is "imminent."

"There are rumors that Charlotte has also been said to have grown displeased with the inconsistent play of Raymond Felton and is also ready to pull the plug on Adam Morrison, so a massive shakeup could be in the works. "(Full Story)

The two potential trades floated were for AL Harrington or as part of a three way deal with the Cats possibly receiving Eddy Curry and David Lee from the Knicks. Harrington adds needed scoring, but his defense is NBA-quality (that means bad) and there's no guarantee he'll get along with a new coach any better than his old coach. David Lee would be a great addition to the team, but the Gerald Wallace cost seems too high.

Update: No other deals are being mentioned, but I did find this, "My guy in Charlotte R. Bonnell has been telling me for a while that he thinks Gerald Wallace is absolutely on the block and we all know Al Harrington wants out of Golden State." It was posted on the Toronto Star's NBA blog, but raises the question why Mr. Bonnell has been relatively mum about the issue on his blog or in the paper? He did, however, mention the Bobcats are likely not interested in Al Harrington. After MJ was convinced by Larry Brown not to deal Gerald, I assumed the issue was dead, but apparently not. As the deals appear now, the Bobcats should NOT trade Wallace. There are better options. Curry has three years left on his deal (approx. $30 million) and Lee will become a restricted free agent at the end of the year. If Lee's only a rental, a Curry for Wallace trade should be a laughable proposition.

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