Tuesday, November 18

NFL Week 11 De-Cleeting: XM Enlightens Us

While attempting to entertain ourselves during last night's MNF game between Cleveland and Buffalo, our resident size mismatch Xtra Medium was able to make some earth-shattering realizations. This evening also included watching this for no specific reason other than it rules. XM let it be known that he likes Brady Quinn, which is reasonable. It doesn't mean he likes him like this, it just means he roots for him as a player. The two other calls of the century XM dropped on us were that Joshua Cribbs is fast(orly!?) and that former Axl girlfriend and star of "November Rain" music video Stephanie Seymour is hot. Thanks XM for bringing that news fresh off the wire. On to some highlights from the week in the NFL after the break.

**note: I wrote this completely independent of this, but I guess Will has much more blog cred than I do but I'm too lazy to change the post now since I was supposed to leave work 30 minutes ago.

Buffalo Hang-low

Last night's game was proof that a sloppy game can be a close one as long as both teams make errors and play bad defense. Trent Edwards had some awful looking interceptions but the Browns decided to not tackle Marshawn Lynch on a few plays of their own but Phil Dawson's 56 yard field goal gave Cleveland a 29-27 win. Brady Quinn has not been great in his two starts, but he has been able to avoid mistakes. His QB rating, whatever stock you put in that, is uner 80.0 through the two starts but the Browns are 1-1 and that is the only stat that matters. Tony Kornheiser continued his insufferable commentary in the booth as he kept pointing out how Quinn looked "born to do this." I have no idea how that factors in to playing QB. Braylon Edwards is probably going to fall short of his bet to catch twice as many TDs than Michael Phelps has gold medals but he did have 104 yards on 8 grabs. He also had a few drops which has been problematic this year. He has as many drops as he had last year. Watching the game it just doesn't seem like he is securing the ball very well and when he moves it in his grip it is being dropped, knocked loose, or bobbled in his possession. Buffalo fans just seem destined for pro sports suffering. The miss by Rian Lindell on the potential game-winning kick was 47 yards and wide right; good thing they had a camera right in Jim Kelly's face as the ball sailed wide huh?

Cards shouldn't worry about popular opinion.

Arizona got up early but then had to hold off Seattle as they won on the road 26-20. There are some out there that feel the Cards are still not legitimate playoff contenders. With the division all but locked up the Cardinals will at the very worst host a home playoff game in the wild-card round. They should not care if they are not getting respect. There is no BCS in the NFL thankfully, they will get to prove it on the field. And in truth, they are getting some. Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitz are finally getting mentioned by some as the top receiving duo in the league (which I agree with) and Kurt Warner is being metioned in MVP talks as he leads the league in QB rating.

Titans can rally

Once Tennessee fell behind by 11 in Jacksonville on Sunday, it appeared their first loss was eminent. But the Titans used the long ball to overcome the Jags 24-14. It was the first time I since Kerry Collins took over that I wondered if Vince Young could have made the long completions down the sidelines. The pass that got them back into the game, a 13 yard strike to Brandon Jones was an excellent throw. Jones took it upon himself to act out getting arrested and slapped in cuffs in the endzone I'm guessing in a reference to Jacksonville's off-field problems. The refs were not amused and announcers Dick Enberg and Randy cross were confused as Jones got docked 15 yards while Dick and Randy tried to figure what he was doing. The Titans are 10-0 and beginning to make Mercury Morris take notice. I think it would be best for the Titans to lose a game before the playoffs and I can't imagine myself saying that but being a Patriots' fan and watching what happened last year, I believe it.

Giants have Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart

With those powers combined:

Now I don't think the Giants will take pollution down to zero, but with their suffocating defensive front, Eli making good decisions, the offensive line protecting, and the run game looking unstoppable, New York looks like it is the favorite to win another Super Bowl this year. The Giants trounced the Ravens 30-10. Baltimore who had looked so good in the last couple weeks were dominated by the Giants in the trenches as they gained 134 on the ground and Brandon Jacobs had 2 TDs. I think the only team that can stop the Giants in the playoffs will be injuries to key players or themselves. The power is theirs!

Zorn is good in doses

After the 14-10 loss by the Redskins to Dallas Sunday night, I'm beginning to think Washington was a little overvalued after they sprung out to 6-2. They are a solid team to be sure, but Zorny is facing some tough teams the 'Skins have fallen flat the last two weeks. The NFC East was once thought to contain 3 playoff teams, but now it is questionable if they will get more than one. The Cowboys' Terrence Newman said in an interview today that the team just has more confidence when Romo and his tape-covered pinky is in the game. It showed in the game as the defense finally made its presence felt with 3 sacks and big stops. Romo was not even that good (19/27 for 198 1 TD and 2 INTs) but the Cowboys just played inspired with him back there on both sides of the ball. Marion Barber may be the best closer in the league because when the Cowboys need to seal a game, he gets to the sticks and beyond. The NFL and twwl can rejoice as Dallas is still in the playoff hunt; Ed Werder can resume his sabatical at Valley Ranch for at least a little while longer.


**Seymourfan1** said...

This just in over the AP wire... Allen Iverson is good, Sean May is fat, and Pikachu is one bad MF.
XM has spoken.

K-Man said...

Giants actually had 207 yards on the ground. Cleet please pick against the Giants again this week against the Cardinals. Picked Pitt over us and then Baltimore over us, both big wins for BIG BLUE!!!

Cleet said...

Yes, total net rushing was 207, I was adding together Earth, Wind and Fire. I actually think the Giants will win this week in the Pink Taco so sorry to dissapoint.

K-Man said...

My bad big guy, Giants might have some trouble since it looks like Jacobs will be sitting out for precautionary reasons after an MRI on his knee. Yet no structual damage they might not risk it. Should make Chester happy since he wants to see more of Bradshaw anyways.

Cleet said...

this just in: Coughlin says Jacobs will practice tomorrow.