Friday, November 21

Michigan and Duke: You Don't Know [Blank]

Last night the Michigan Wolverines upset the number 4 ranked UCLA Bruins 55-52 in the semi-finals of the 2k Sports College Basketball Classic. It was the first win for Michigan over a top five team in 11 years and set up a match-up tonight against Duke. This got us thinking, these two met in 1992 national championship game. It was the Fab Five versus the defending champs. How well do you remember that 1992 season? We once again present our quiz for a true test of your knowledge. As always feel free to post your score and earn fabulous prizes. Continue on for the brain pickings.

The 1992 Final Four took place in [It's cold there] and featured of course Duke and Michigan in the title game. Duke defeated [No cell phones!] in their semi-final, and Michigan beat [One of the QCs].

The Wolverines were led by coach [No cheating] who had won the 19[#] national title after taking over the team that year unexpectedly when [No cheating] was fired in the last week of the regular season since he had already committed to coaching [No cheating] the next season. Michigan beat [Check your PJ's] in the final that year thanks to some clutch free throw shooting from [Former Charlotte Hornet!]. In '92 the Wolverines had what is probably considered the most heralded freshman class in basketball history. The "Fab Five" consisted of Chris Weber, Jalen Rose, [No cheating],[No cheating], and [No cheating].

Duke came in to the 1992 final four as the reigning champions after they beat [Huckleberry] a year before in [NCAA headquarters]. This came after they beat the undefeated [Shark!] team in the 1991 semi-finals 79-77. In '92 Duke was a heavy favorite but escaped in the East Regional final against Kentucky 104-103 when [Hello] hit the game-winner with [No cheating] seconds left.

The 1992 final was not particularly close as Duke won 71-51. The Fab Five had brought up the phrase "[No cheating]" in reference to their team being a [#] seed going up against heavily favored Duke. The phrase was later used by [No cheating] when they beat a heavily favored Duke team in the title game in 1999. [Eyes on the road] won the MOP of the tournament in 1992 and Duke won back-to-back titles for the first time since [No cheating].

Pencils down!

Answers below:

1. Minneapolis
2. Indiana
3. Cincinnati
4. Steve Fisher
5. '89
6. Bill Frieder
7. Arizona State
8. Seton Hall
9. Rumeal Robinson
10-12. Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson.
13. Kansas
14. Indianapolis
15. UNLV
16. Christian Laettner
17. 2.1
18. Shock the World
19. 6
20. Connecticut
21. Bobby Hurley
22. UCLA ('72-'73)

Scoring Scale
0-1: Can't spell Krzyzewski
2-5: You're out of timeouts
6-8: Member of the Unforgettables
9-12: You own a Michigan Starter jacket
13-15: Sporting a Thomas Hill flat-top
16-18: Own a pair of Bobby Hurley's ITZ shoes
19-21: Think Dick Vitale is insighttful and love watching him call Duke games
Perceft 22: Disciple of Coach K pontificating

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