Thursday, November 13

Getting the Hang of Thursdays

Dwight Howard registered his first career triple-double against the Thunder last night. It was over a year ago when Howard signed his 5-year, $80 million dollar extension. Shouldn't there be a triple-double requirement before you sign a deal worth $16 million per year? I don't think that's too much to ask and again lends credibility to the criticisms that he should be more dominant based on his talent level. More basketball notes after the break. (Pic via BDL)

In the Bobcats loss to the Nuggets they shot 27 3-pointers, connecting on 7. The 27 attempts is a record for a game, for any Larry Brown coached team. Point guard defense continues to be a problem and the team continues to ignore Emeka on the offensive end. In keeping with the Dwight Howard criticism, Mek has never had a triple-double, once falling a rebound short. The Cats host Utah tomorrow.

Gary, Gary, Gary. You're loved by most hoopheads, but being bitter at other point guards is below you. Especially since you chased a ring for four years at the end of your career.

ESPN and Dick Vitale would like to welcome CBS to the UNC-Duke slurpfest. (FriarBlog)


Xtra Medium said...

I'm here for the free crack giveaway.

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HE SPEAKS!!!!!!!!

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Shouldn't you be delivering a speech to young, impressionable kids?