Thursday, November 6

Week 10 NFL Mr. Green Locks

Another week has passed and over time my pick percentage is increasing. Last week was a good week for picks and I hope to continue the trend. Read on for my week 10 picks.

Last Week: 10-4
Season: 79-51

DEN at CLE: Browns- Browns win but Quinn is less than impressive I think.

TEN at CHI: Titans- Be prepared to hear the term "manage the game" at least 30,000 times during the previews of this game and the broadcast itself. The Sex Cannon receives a bum deal having to go against the Titans in his first start.

JAC at DET: Lions- With the Jags in disarray, and the possibility of Culpepper starting, this is my upset special of the week.

SEA at MIA: Dolphins- The topic that most media outlets jumped on because they are too unoriginal to develop their own NFL stories was whether the Dolphins can win the AFC East. Of course they can and they probably will win Sunday.

GB at MIN: Packers- Somewhere the plan went horribly wrong for the Vikings. Tavaris Jackson was supposed to slowly guide the ship as Purple Jesus ran over people and the diuretic fueled D-line plugged up the opposing attack. The Packers are hanging by a thread and cannot afford to lose this one.

BAL at HOU: Ravens- The Texans seem to take one step forward one week and then two steps back the next.

STL at NYJ: Jets- Not only do I predict the Jets winning, I predict it will be as ugly as their last two wins.

NO at ATL: Saints- Week off for the Saints, criss-cross country travel for the Falcons and Matt Ryan due for a rookie-type game.

BUF at NE: Patriots- The dream continues to slip away for Buffalo, but cheer up it's hockey season! The Patriots concoct a win in this one.

CAR at OAK: Panthers- It is the Mortal Kombat moment for Carolina in this one; the Raiders are standing in a daze...FINISH HIM!

IND at PIT: Steelers- If the banged up Patriots defense held the Colts to 18 points at home, the Steeler D should make them pay on the road.

KC at SD: Chargers- The Chargers have no one to blame but themselves (and Norv) if they can't come back and win the AFC West.

NYG at PHI: Eagles- It's statement time for the Eagles, prove you're a playoff team or get out of the way.

SF at ARI: Cardinals- MNF for these two and it's not even in Mexico City! The Cards flex their muscles on the national stage in this one.

For the Clue fun fact this week we focus on the year the movie came out, 1985. Ronald Regan began his second term as president, the world was introduced to New Coke, the first Nintendo was released in America, and Reggie Bush was born. In sports Dan Marino got his ass handed to him by Joe Montana in Dan's only Super Bowl appearance, Villanova pulled a huge upset over Georgetown in the Final Four, the Lakers beat the Celtics in 6, and Don Denkinger became hated for all time in St. Louis. Time may pass, but bitterness over sports injustices never fades away.

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Catfish said...

Don't forget Live Aid was in 1985. The Panthers trip to Oakland is a contender/pretender game for them. They should handle the Raiders easily if they are focused.