Thursday, November 13

Week 11 NFL Mr. Green Locks

Another week of picks went somewhat successfully last week as my season pick percentage sits at .644. Now I know a monkey throwing darts at a wall could probably get roughly the same amount of picks right, but jokes on you, I don't play darts. On to this week's picks after the break.

Last Week: 8-5
Season: 87-56

NYJ at NE: Patriots- This may be a little homerish of me, but I do think that Cassel is playing better and that the Pats will force Favre into making some mistakes, but not having Adalius Thomas hurts them. Should be a great game to watch so coupled with the UM game tonight, it will be a nerve-wracking evening at the wing shack.

DEN at ATL: Falcons- My days of doubting the Falcons are over. Matt Ryan and Michael Turner have made a lot of prognosticators eat their words this year.

MIN at TB: Bucs- The warm Tampa weather and the rested Bucs will make for an uncomfortable stay for Gus and the Vikings.

BAL at NYG: Ravens- My upset special for the week. I don't fully believe the Ravens D can slow down Brandon Jacobs and Eli, but I wouldn't be shocked by it.

OAK at MIA: Dolphins- The sea-faring mammals get to sit back and enjoy the 1:00 start for the west coast team which also happens to be the Raiders while the Jets and Patriots beat each other senseless.

NO at KC: Saints- The Chiefs have not given up this year under Herm and I expect them to battle in this one. Tyler Thigpen has played better than people thought possible after his first appearance this year.

DET at CAR: Panthers- The Panthers had their "let's play like we suck" game last week and managed to win it, there should be a sharp looking playoff team out there in Charlotte on Sunday and no I don't mean the Lions.

PHI at CIN: Eagles- The Bengals front line will seem docile compared to what the Eagles tried to run through(twice including 4th down) last week.

CHI at GB: Bears- The groans for number 4 will increase exponentially in cheese country if the Pack loses this game and the Jets win theirs.

Hou at IND: Colts- The Colts will make the playoffs this year, I'm saying it now.

TEN at JAC: Titans- Has anyone noticed all twwl has done for the 9-0 Titans is show their remaining schedule in reference to their unbeaten season so far? Last year it was flashy graphics and machine-like sound effects for the Patriots; "Moss, Brady....pursuit of perfection."

ARI at SEA: Cardinals- The birds got over a huge hump on Monday by outlasting the 49ers, they now have the confidence they need to finish off the weaker opponents.

STL at SF: 49ers- Singletary will get his first win if his team plays like it did on Monday.

SD at PIT: Steelers- Zero conversation going on about the Chargers right now. I'll start some: they're overrated, the end.

DAL at WSH: Redskins- Both teams are having to battle for their playoff lives after being considered shoe-ins earlier. The Redskins have performed better with their backs against the wallthis year while Dallas threw-up all over itself.

CLE at BUF: Browns- Cheer up Buffalonians, the Sabres are doing well!

I know everyone is excited for Clue fun factoid this week and here it is: Howard Hesseman. Howard played the role of the undercover police chief posing as a religous zealot. He tells Mrs. Peacock "repent, the kingdom of heaven is at hand." then arrests her, brilliant cinema. You may know Howard from his other roles like Johnny "Dr. Fever" Caravella in WKRP in Cincinnati but his most memorable role for me was as the teacher Charlie Moore in Head of the Class. I loved that show, even though I was young I had a serious boy crush on Simone(played by Khrystyne Haje), yowza. Robin Givens was also on the show which centered around a class of intelectually gifted but socially inept high school students and their teacher. After Givens' marraige to Mike Tyson it's hard to believe she could be intellectually superior to a potato.

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