Tuesday, November 11

Lil Bobcats (v.) Nuggets

Tonight the Bobcats take on the Denver Nuggets at home. Denver is riding a two-game winning streak, but they are 1-2 on the road this season. They have scored 100 or more in four of their six games and 94 or more in the other two. The Cats need to play solid defense because they don't have the scoring to keep up if they let Denver run. Charlotte's scored less than 85 in half of their games this season so slowing Denver down will be crucial. How the Bobcats handle Kenyon Martin and the PGs ability to defend newly acquired Chauncey Billups will likely be the keys to the game. More team notes after the break.

Last season, MJ was getting ripped repeatedly for his absentee approach. This season his presence has been much more visible, and he deserves credit for that. Whether it will mean increased success for the team remains to be seen, but his new approach implies he's more vested in this team and that can't be a bad thing. Jordan had an interesting Q&A with Scott Fowler and even discussed becoming the majority owner of the team.

One of the best quotes from MJ, "I do want people to understand I'm committed to this franchise. I'm committed to Charlotte. I'm invested. I'm putting my money up. They're not giving me a suite. They're not giving me front-row seats. I'm paying for these things. If I'm putting my money in it, I believe in it."

I loved MJ the player, but MJ the exec has been less of a love affair, but I want to believe. Without sounding too much like a MJ apologist, he was thrust into a position (that he wanted) with the Wizards. He never had the time to learn as a right-hand man in the front office and now in his second tour as an exec, he's made some mistakes, but also some nice pick-ups (Jason Richardson). Maybe MJ the exec has learned from his rookie mistakes and is finally rounding into shape.

While the Gerald Wallace trade may not be imminent, it does seem like it's going to happen. One of the potential trade targets, David Lee, has come up gimpy. From Ball Don't Lie, "David Lee did not practice yesterday and told The Post he has been suffering from a bone spur in his ankle for three weeks." Lee went on to say he would play throw the pain, but it would require eventual surgery. Lee's production has been down and trading for another forward with an injury seems like a losing proposition.

On the home front, Wallace shot just 2 for 11 against the Raptors and scored a season low six points, after the trade rumors hit a fever pitch. It'll be interesting to see if the ongoing talks affect his performance.

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