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Just How Bad Was Jake?

I'm a Del-homey. I like his fire, even if his antics can sometimes wear thin. On Sunday, however, he was bad, historically bad. The good news for the Panthers, they got the win. More precisely, Peppers somehow managed to chase Andrew Walter with reckless abandon and make cerebral plays at the same time, DeAngelo had over 100 yards rushing and the team forced three turnovers. It was a great effort across the board, except for one problem.

Jake stunk.

This article is more notes than prose, but the format works better that way.

To get things started off, here's a trivia question: 7 Panther quarterbacks have thrown 3 or more INTs in a game, can you name them?

Jake became just the second quarterback since the merger in 1970 to complete fewer than 30 percent of his passes and throw four interceptions in a victory, according to STATS LLC. Cincinnati's Ken Anderson went 4-for-19 with four interceptions in a 14-10 victory over the Raiders on Oct. 19, 1975. (AP)

Jake's anemic passer rating was not the worst by a winning QB. In 2006, Bears QB Rex Grossman posted a 1.3 passer rating (6-19, 3 INTs) in a win over the Vikings. 30 years earlier, Norm Snead of the New York Giants posted a 0.0 passer rating (3-14, 26 yds, 2 INTs) in a 12-9 win over the Redskins.

Hands down Jake’s worst game as a passer. Set Panther career lows in completions, completion percentage, quarterback rating, yards and yards per attempt. He also tied his career high with 4 interceptions. Prior to this game, his worst two games were in 2003, a loss @ Dallas and a win @ Tampa.

Jake's Career Worsts (Starts)
25.9% completion – Old Record: 37.5% (9-23) (Dallas 2003)
12.3 QB rating – Old record: 15.9 (TB 2003)
72 yards passing – Old Record: 96 (TB 2003)
2.7 yards/attempt – Old Record: 4.2 y/a (TB 2003)

Fewest completions in a game since joining the Panthers. His previous low was nine completions, which he did in both above mentioned games

4 Int Games: 2000 (with Saints) against Carolina and 2004 against the Eagles. Just the 5th time in 77 games regular season games, he’s thrown 3 or more picks, but 2nd time this season (TB). Also threw 3 INTs in the NFC championship against Seattle in 2006.

Completed just five passes after the first drive of the game (2 completions for 16 yards). He had four 1st quarter completions (4/8 1 Int), three 2nd quarter completions (3/9 1 Int) and 0 in the 2nd half (0/10 2 Ints)

Jake’s second longest play of the day was drawing a 15-yard “major” facemask penalty.

The Impact on Steve Smith
One reception for 9 yards. Only been held to fewer yards twice since 2002. In 2006 he was held without a catch against the Falcons and in 2002 1 catch for 3 yards against the Browns. Ironically, both wins. Just the 6th time since 2002 season being held to one catch. It should be noted that the coaches did nothing else to get Smitty involved.

Panthers Franchise Numbers
Lowest QB rating for a Panther (more than 10 attempts) since 2002 Randy Fasani: 0.0 (not a typo) against Tampa Bay. 5 of 18, 46 yards, 0 TDs, 3 INTs, 3 sacks.

9th game and 1st win with 4 INTs. Kerry Collins had 4 games, Jake 2, and Chris Weinke 1. Last two games had INTs split between multiple QBs. The team record for most INTs thrown in one game: 5 (Rams 1995)

26th regular season game with Carolina having 3 or more INTs. Team record in those games: 3-23. Other two wins: 2005 @ Detroit (Delhomme) and 1999 @ San Fran (Beuerlein).

Panther Turnovers
The only year that the Panthers did not have at least 4 turnovers in one game: 2006.

The 5th win out of 33 games with 4 or more turnovers. Never won a game with more than 4 TOs.

Trivia Answer: The seven QBs that have thrown a 3 INT game for the Panthers: Kerry Collins (8), Jake Delhomme (5), Steve Beuerlein (4), Chris Weinke (4), Rodney Peete (1), Randy Fasani (1), and Jack Trudeau (1).

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