Tuesday, November 4

Iverson-less Pistons Handle the Cats

Notice has been served in the East. The Pistons have acquired AI, and according to several people it's for the expiring contract. I'm sorry, but AI's one of the most decorated players in the league (ROY, DPOTY, MVP, Multiple All-Stars) and his competitive desire has never been questioned. So why why WHY would people not see this as a power play? Sure, his expiring contract means there's little long term risk for the Pistons, but he's a perfect piece to plug in and re-energize a stagnant team. This is bad news for the Celtics, Cavs, Sixers and the rest of the East. Boston and Cleveland will both need to make a move to win the East, unless BronBron can go King Kong and KG or Pierce can go Teen Wolf every night.

Initially I felt bad for Antonio McDyess aka the Original Amare (video NSFW, quality is meh, but the soundtrack hooked me). He rebuilt himself as a basketball player and came over to the Pistons after they won their Championship and was the hungriest player on a team that had slipped into complacency. Now, with the Pistons possibly revitalized he was being shipped out. Then the Four Letter scrolled that he was possibly going to be released, and I was excited. The Bobcats need a four, desperately, like one of those Midnight Wendy's cravings for a number six and a Mountain Dew. But then... the scroll said he'd be returning to Detroit. Gone was the sympathy and excitement, replaced by a disbelieving chuckle. The NBA blocked the Mavs from a similar move with Stackhouse last year (but turned a blind eye to the Spurs pulling a similar move), but again Stern's crew was poised to let this happen again? A laughable practice circumventing the softest of salary caps allowing the rich to get richer and only selectively prohibited. No pity for you, Dice Man.

Without AI, Mr. Big Shot, or McDyess the Pistons easily handled the Bobcats last night, with six players in double figures including Will "I thought this was the 2005 ACC Tournament and I was pouring 35 on UNC" Bynum. Old Bobcat PF Walter Hermann chipped in with 5 points in 19 minutes. Assists continue to be in short supply for Charlotte as they had only 13 against 13 turnovers. The Pistons had an almost 3:1 assist to turnover ratio with 23 and 8. In his first significant action of the year Shannon Brown led the Bobcats with 16 points. Most of the night he was making nice moves to get the hoop, but often missed the shots. DJ Augustin continues to shoot open 3s, but is yet to connect through three games. The Cats next game is Wednesday @ the Knicks.

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K-Man said...

I think I read this correctly home sick yesterday going across the bottom line but the Pistions did just release Juwan Howard. You know this might not be a bad pick up for the Bobcats, I know he is old but he could help teach the post players a bit. He still has a decent 15 foot jump shot and could get about 8 boards a game for the Cats. I mean he is better then Nazr and he is in better shape then May. He can also do a decent job at guarding the 4's, at least better then anyone else on this team. Not saying this would get the Cats being a playoff contender but will just help the overall post game and help Okafor tremendously down low.