Wednesday, November 12

Checking Up on Our Beloved Sabres and Their Women

Due to recent events, which include my hard drive turning itself into fondu, we here at ASD have been trying to keep up with the fast paced world of sports. In our hurrying we have almost, and I say almost forgotten about our adopted hockey team for the year. The Bufs are sitting at 8-3-3 which is tied for second in the Northeast division with Boston and 1 point behind Montreal. The Sabres sit in the midst of a 2 game losing streak which they hope to snap tonight at HSBC Arena as they host the St. Louis Blues. Some chatter on the Sabres from Buffalo and beyond after the break.

In Catfish's introduction to the Sabres he informed us that Buffalo girls are easy. I have yet to test this theory(well I did on one girl but that's too small a sample size) but there was a potential for examination of this hypothesis on Friday night. While enjoying a bucket of suds at a local tavern, Xtra Medium espied a young lady wearing a Sabres jersey. This was a somewhat rare sight down south and we thought it an excellent chance for XM to pursue this matter for his own gain as well as our curious scientific minds. What came from this turned out to be XM flailing an arm at the girl as she made her way to the bathroom and saying, "Go Sabres" as she passed by. Due to a variety of reasons I cannot recall what she said, but I'm thinking overall we can gather that the original hypothesis is true but requires further testing. She was flanked by a pretty strong front line as she got back to her table, but XM was not in the mood to attack even though we were at even strength with me and Catfish. I don't know what assist I could have provided but we both knew that if we needed an enforcer, Catfish would take off the gloves. When K-man arrived giving us the 1 man advantage, it was already too late and the powerplay was killed. The three stars of the evening were the girl in the Sabres jersey, Xtra Medium for making the half-assed attempt at talking to her, and K-man for bringing the girl who wanted to discuss politics.

Back to the Sabres, they have lost two in a row going into tonight's game. Some news and notes on the team:

Here is the homepage for the city of Buffalo. It says they are called the Queen City, just like Charlotte. Who was the Buffalo Queen? Calamity Jane? Queen Victoria?

Read here about the Sabres last game, a 3-1 loss to Boston. [Bleacher Report]

The Sabres are great at penalty kills..on the road. They are first on the road and only 17th at home. [The Buffalo News]

St. Louis is struggling going into tonight's game, hopefully the Sabres can continue their misery, don't they deserve it for creating these jerseys? [The Sports Network]

Doing their part for the community, the Sabres are holding a food drive during four home games in November. Please, no Beef on Weck. [Sabres Official Site]

Head Coach Lindy Ruff was not enthused with the Sabres recent performance. [Sabres Official Site]

Thomas Vanek is currently the NHL Leader in goals with 12. He's also tied for 253rd in assists!

The Sabres have another home game Friday versus Columbus and then travel to Pittsburgh on Saturday against the Penguins and the kid. Buffalo currently sits 5th in the Conference which goes to show even though they have started well, they can't afford back-to-back losses like they had last week. Let's pick it up boys, you can't win a playoff spot in November, but you can probably lose one.


K-Man said...

By the way, the girl in the Sabre jersey went on to give two lines breaking down one of the Sabres lines and why they probably lost. And I was there the whole time, so you had even greater strength in numbers. I believe if a bit more knowledge could have came out this theory would have been proven correct.

Cleet said...

That's why bars are not good places to conduct scientific experiements but good places to run into girls in sports jerseys. Like I said, the details ware a little hazy looking back.