Friday, November 7

Bobcats Defensive Problems Recurring

We've lamented the Bobcats need for a power forward before and with good reason. Through four games, two PFs Michael Beasley and Zach Randolph both poured in 25 en route to being leading scorers for their team against the Cats. The Pistons were led by Rip Hamilton's 19, but their power forwards: Amir Johnson, Jason Maxiell and even former Bobcat Walter Hermann combined for 27 on 10/14 shooting. It has not, however, been just the four position that they've had trouble defending.

Centers with range like Rasheed Wallace have shot well and even Udonis Haslem whose ranged is much more limited than Wallace's had a good game, going for 16 on 8/9 shooting (7/8 on jumpshots).

The primary concern, though, is the success of point guards. On opening night, it was Daniel Gibson, not LeBron James that led the Cavs in scoring (25 to 22). Gibson was ten of fourteen from the field and four of six from behind the stripe. Against the Pistons, with no Chauncey Billups, Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum together scored 21 and Bynum made four of his six baskets on layups. In their last game, it was Nate Robinson's turn as he scored 24. Starting point guard Chris Duhon also chipped in with seven and collectively the two shot twelve of sixteen or 75%.

The struggles with power forwards is to be expected, especially with Sean May inactive, but with two lottery picks spent on point guards in the last three years it's inexcusable for any and every point guard to be able to seemingly score at will. With the Hornets coming to town tonight, the defense must improve. Otherwise, the combination of Chris Paul and David West will likely be a 55-60 point tandem and the Cats won't have the scoring to keep up.

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