Thursday, November 13

Send the Beast Bowlin

It's time to update the Panthers Pro Bowl campaign. The Beas(t?)was the NFL's defensive player of the month for October. He just started getting some national attention with this AP article, and his fellow teammates are starting to push for him to get some Pro Bowl love. Julius Peppers calls him, "a special cat" and was quoted as saying, "He should be -- he will be -- a Pro Bowler this year," Peppers said. "(It would be) his first time over there, so you can look for that for years to come around here." More after the break.

In this article on Beas discusses being more like Ray Lewis, "I love Ray' s intro. They turn the lights off for him; he' s got something on the JumboTron for him, but I' ve got to get to that status first." If he continues to grow as a player, Jon has the potential to be Charlotte's biggest star since Grandmama and ZO. Bring on the pyrotechnics, dancing women, and massive amounts of smoke. Now onto the Beast's numbers:

2nd in the NFC in tackles (79).
4th in the NFL in passes defended (among linebackers) (7).
2nd in the NFL in Interceptions (among linebackers) (2).

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