Wednesday, November 12

Spurrier and the Gators: You Don't Know [Blank]

So everyone knows about the relationship Steve Spurrier and the Florida Gators have, but do you know the useless trivial details? If you think you do then continue on for our variable vichyssoise of visor knowledge. As always feel free to post your score and you may receive a prize, although I have a feeling it will be lost in the mail. South Carolina heads down to the Swamp this Saturday to provide the last road hump in Florida's possible march to a national title appearance. Even though I have no affinity for either of these two subjects, it is still the topic for today. Continue after the break for today's exam. See, unbiased coverage!

Everyone knows that Spurrier played the position of [First one's a gimme] for Florida back in the 1960s. He was drafted out of UF by the [Stop cheating] and played 9 seasons for them.

In 1987 Spurrier took his first college head coaching job at [Another lay-up]. A mere two seasons later he was off to his alma mater. Spurrier began amassing SEC titles quite quickly and ended his career at Florida with [It's a number]total. He became the first person to win a Heisman Trophy and to coach a winner of one when [Hint: I like waffles] won it in 1996.

That same year, the Gators won their first national championship by beating [Stop cheating] in the [Stop cheating] Bowl 52-20. Six years later he would resign from Florida and became the head coach of the Redskins. He lead the 'Skins to a [XM has a big TV] record during his time there.

It wasn't long before Steve was back in the SEC though, as he took the job at South Carolina in 2004, succeeding [Lispy McLispLisp]. Spurrier beat the Gators in his first season in Columbia 30-22 over the then #[Stop cheating] ranked Florida team. The more memorable game was the next season, when the undefeated Gators won 17-16 after [He kicks for them now] had his game-winning field goal kick blocked by [This is a tough one] to secure the win. The Gators had also blocked an extra point. Coach Urban Meyer and Chris Leak lead the Gators the rest of the way to a BCS title after they whipped Ohio State by a score of [Salt in Catfish's wounds] and also beat them for the national championship in basketball Spurrier referred to the Buckeyes as [Can't be nice to everyone].

pencils down!

Answers Below

1. QB
2. San Francisco 49ers
3. Duke
4. 6
5. Danny Wuerffel
6. Florida State
7. Sugar
8. 12-20
9. Lou Holtz
10. 12
11. Ryan Succop
12. Jarvis Moss
13. 41-14
14. Runner-up U

Scoring Scale
0-1: Gator-Hater
2-4: Big Ten supporter
5-7: Gator-Appreciater
8-10: You own a pair of jorts
11-13: You own multiple pairs of jorts
Perfect 14: Circumcised by Tebow himself

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