Sunday, November 2

Football Rules Exploit or Ingenuity?

From the New York Times, "Good news for rec-league play-callers: there’s a brand-new offense that looks a lot like the one you scrawled on that bar napkin last weekend. In 2007, Piedmont High School in California’s Bay Area began running the A-11, a cockmamie offensive set in which all 11 players are potentially eligible to catch the ball on every down. Yes, this violates one of the core principles of football (linement aren’t allowed to catch), and yes, it’s perfectly legal."

As for it's involvement in college, "rules dictate that the scrimmage-kick formation is legal only when the defense might reasonably expect a kick." I'm predicting at least one of these plays surfacing in bowl season, if not sooner.

Full Story (Illustration by MCKIBILLO)

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