Tuesday, November 11

Bobcats Ticket Changes

Believe it or not, we here at the ASD are not rolling in the dough. So, when we attempted to procure some Bobcats tickets we were looking for the bargain tickets in the upper bowl, but we were unable to find any for less than $35. Much to our chagrin the ticket office told us there were fewer of the bargain tickets available this season.Without actually raising prices the Cats have raised the average ticket cost for fans. The image above shows the differences in the pricing chart from last season to this one. More specifics after the break. (Click pictures to enlarge)

As for the $10 dollar tickets (represented by the dark blue), you can see the number has shrunk from last season to this one. There are none along the sidelines, six rows have been removed from each of the east sections, and between four and six rows on the west baseline.

On the east baseline you can see the $20 tickets (orange) have been reduced to the $15 dollar beige, but in the corners, you can see the $20 ticket section has grown. So they decreased prices by five dollars in three small sections and raised prices by five in sixteen.

The first nine rows are now $20, where $15 tickets were the norm. Along the sidelines in the upper bowl, the most expensive tickets were reduced $10 from a year ago, but the (purple) section has grown from two rows to nine. This means that while the front two rows got a ten dollar break this year, seven rows are paying between ten and fifteen dollars more per ticket.

Prices in the lower bowl on the corners and along the baselines have shifted dramatically as well, with some prices higher and lower, but they're all well above our price range.

Original seating charts: 2008-09 season (notice the lack of single game pricing) 2007-08 season


K-Man said...

The Charlotte Bobcats... Where the avg. fan can't afford a ticket!!! It's Fantastic. But I guess that is what you get when you sign players to NBA reasonable contracts. We have to pay for them and the draft picks somehow.

Cleet said...

The listed attendance for last night's game was 10,753 (capacity 19,077). Judging from the looks on TV that was a generous number or just simply the paid attendance. Why not just raise prices on prime match-ups instead of all the games. You can get more fans for a ho-hum game with $10 seats and then when the Lakers, Cavs, or whoever come to town go to the new chart. Just poor planning by the management which seems to be a theme with them.