Friday, October 31

Week 9 Mr. Green Locks

I pulled the same score this week as I did last week but still not able to have an ultra week of picks so I try again. Lots of compelling games so let's take a look.

Last Week: 9-5
Season: 69-47

NYJ at BUF: Bills- In my opinion the Bills are a team that is for real, they are just not really that great..yet. They should bounce back at home against the Jets who have been shaky against lowly competition the last few weeks.

DET at CHI: Bears- The Lions' magical mystery tour rolls on into Chicago this week and it should be a hard days night as the Detroit fans gently weep.

JAC at CIN: Jaguars- Not to be outdone by the Lions, the Bengals are 0-8 to Detroit's 0-7 and unless Jacksonville has comepletely fallen apart, it will be 0-9.

BAL at CLE: Ravens- It's amazing with all the venom that is spewed toward Romeo Crennel the Browns are still only one game under .500. I forsee the Ravens defense continuing to play well while it looks as if the offense might be gaining some momentum.

TB at KC: Bucs- After a tough loss at Dallas this should be a good recovery game for Tampa, but as the Jets showed last week, you still need to execute.

HOU at MIN: Texans- These appear to be two teams passing each other in the elevator as Houston goes up and the Vikings go down. Kubiak finally has them playing according to his gameplan, now it's time to see if they can do it on the road.

ARI at STL: Cardinals- Arizona might have lost last week but they showed they were a different team than in years past. Warner will get the primetime receivers he ahs the ball and James/Hightower in the backfield has been a great combo. Here is the Cards' chance to put distance between them and the rest of the NFC West.

GB at TEN: Titans- I feel very insecure in picking Tennessee even though I think they should win. The Titans are now on everyone's radar after beating the Colts Monday night and now the only team with a perfect record will now feel the media blitz as they continue winning. It's that situation where a team that isn't used to being in the spotlight all by its lonesome plays the no respect card, but then when all eyes are on them, they very well may wilt under the pressure. All that being said, as long as they do not commit turnovers, they should come out on top.

MIA at DEN: Dolphins- I don't care what anyone says, nobody has a clue who is going to win this game, it is a complete toss up. The Broncos have been in a downward spiral and it is going to take more than Cutler's bionic arm to get them out.

DAL at NYG: Giants- New York gets extremely lucky facing Dallas in their current condition. Not that the Giants couldnt stand toe to toe with them if they ahd their full line-up but it should be too much Giants in the end. Hey Brad Johnson, Mr. Tuck would like a word with you.

ATL at OAK: Falcons- I really wish I could have seen what the Falcons and Matt Ryan would have done if the refs didn't blow that call in the 4th quarter last week. You wonder how they missed it when you see the replay of the player not coming close to touching the punt with Atlanta down 7. This is a bad trap game for the Falcons so we'll see how Ryan handles his first trip to the black hole (stop giggling).

PHI at SEA: Eagles- I hope Seahawk fans enjoyed that win last week against the 49ers, you might not see another one for awhile.

NE at IND: Colts- With all that has happened this game seemingly has lost its luster but now it turns out it jsut has different implications than we thought. While the Patriots are wrestling with the Bills for control of the AFC East, the Colts are fighting for their playoff life.

PIT at WSH: Redskins- Popular belief has the Steelers as the one of the top 2 or 3 teams of the AFC, but with the pounding they have taken and will take, the Ravens will be right on their heels throughout and in a clash of two huge fan bases, the crowd should be plenty riled up on Monday night.

The Clue factoid this week takes a look at Mrs. Peacock, played by Eileen Brennan. In the movie she is a senator's wife, which again since I was young had no idea what that meant, but now, you can see how easy it is to believe that her and her husband were taking money from lobbyists. Her imdb listing has more credits than I can count, but the one that stuck out to me was the role of Billie in The Sting. This was one of my favorite movies of all time as well and having recently lost Paul Newman, it seems nice to tie that movie in.

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