Thursday, October 23

Buffalo Sabres: Pros and Cons for ASD Adoption

Earlier this week ASD began a quest. Not a Tribe Called Quest, but a quest to adopt a new NHL team. Cleet has already struck on the Ning and now it's time for the pros and cons of choosing the Buffalo not-Bisons. More after the break.


Power!: Sometimes a video just says it all.

Better Days: Buffalo is the home of the Goo Goo Dolls and Rick James...NO, I won't be an enabler.

No Stanley Cups: No one can accuse us of front-running, but the team does regularly make the playoffs, which is a plus, because the NHL playoffs are the best in professional sports. Perhaps ASD can be just the force the Sabres need to push it to the next level.

Young Stud in the Net: Goalkeeper Ryan Miller enters just his third full season with in the NHL and has a brand new long-term contract. Miller improved through his first two seasons with Buffalo appearing in the 06-07 All-Star game, but had a down year last year along with the rest of the team. So far this season he's looking to rebound with a 1.45 GAA. This could be the year that Miller begins to join the upper echelon of goalies in the league.

Toughness: The Sabres captain Craig Rivet had arthroscopic knee surgery and is going to be out... for TWO WEEKS. I know people that are out longer than that after tweaking something in a flag football game.


No Stanley Cups: Any time you adopt a child team, you want to believe that you aren't adopting something sickly. You want something fun, a winner or at least someone good at math. The Sabres didn't make the playoffs last year and their may be smarter, more talented kids teams for us to adopt.

Buffalo Girls are Easy>: This could easily be a positive, but if all the girls are too busy drooling over the players to notice us, how are we supposed to use our vast knowledge of the team to impress the ladies?

The New Logo: Maybe I'm just a traditionalist, but I couldn't agree with this more...

On a Personal Note: I have no personal note, other than to say that the girl that sat by us in European History was in love with Cleet and she was a Sabres fan. I'm pretty sure I was awake long enough to remember that correctly.

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